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Customer Services and Distribution

Roche Pakistan Limited has an efficient distribution system which aims to provide quality customer service to its customers. We have three distribution offices: one each in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad from where our products are distributed across Pakistan.

We have state of the art facilities for the storage of our products designed to ensure their efficacy and quality. In addition, the packaging techniques we use ensure safe and secure delivery of our products to the farthest of destinations nationwide.

Trade customers can also access an informational video on packaging and storage of the cold chain products by clicking on the below link.

Video for Packaging and Storage of Cold Chain Products 

Prompt customer service is our prime focus and thus to ensure efficient deliveries we use couriers as well as an in-house transportation network. In addition, the distribution offices are open during business hours to provide service and guidance to walk in customers.


The Pharmaceuticals range of products are available in the following areas at our distribution offices:

Anaemia & Transplantation

Bone Care




In Diagnostics we offer a wide range of products in the following areas:

Solution for Diagnostics          

Products for Researchers

Solution for Diabetes Monitoring   

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